Price Pejtersen is again the U23 speed king! - Trentino 2021 Cycling

Price Pejtersen is again the U23 speed king!


At the UEC Road European Championships – Trentino 2021, the 22-years-old Danish won for the second time the gold medal in the Individual Time Trial. Silver to Søren Værenskjold (Norway) and bronze to Daan Hoole (Netherlands)

The astonishing 25:35.29 performed by Johan Price Pejtersen was worth the Danish the second European gold medal of his young career (after Alkmaar 2019). The pace set at the beginning was way too quick for other riders, who didn’t manage to get close to this time. Second place for a sparkling Søren Værenskjold (Norway) 26:08.98, less than one second faster than Dutch Daan Hoole, bronze medal with 26:09.76.



Johan Price Pejtersen: “I am touched. Winning this race means a lot to me after what I went through because of Covid-19. The pressure has been on for the European Championships in recent weeks, I was on the favourites list for the time trial and I tried to stay focused. I didn’t even know what the result would be before I started, but I’m happy with the win.