Updates | UEC Road Championships | 9-13 September

Trentino 2020 updates the European Championships’ routes


After an intense two-day inspection and some technical meetings held in Trento, the “Trentino 2020” Organizing Committee headed by Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi Tourist Board and Trentino Marketing in collaboration with the City of Trento and Trento Eventi Sport, set up the routes and the programme of 2020 UEC Road European Championships – Trentino 2020, to be held from September 9th to 13th.

Attended by an international delegation combining the European Cycling Union and Eurovision with Rai – the Italian national TV which is directly involved in the media production – a detailed technical-organisational briefing has allowed to finalize the frame of the continental event that will assign 13 European titles within 5 days.

“During this meeting and the inspections, we were able to meet the managers of the key sectors and discuss with them the best solution to guarantee the smooth running of the event. We noticed the passionate commitment of everyone and the strong desire to set up a high level event, which we were certain of since the very beginning”, the UEC Vice-President Agata Lang and the General Secretary Enrico Dalla Casa said.

“We faced the logistical and organizational challenge of bringing this event into the historic centre of Trento with enthusiasm. Along with UEC, Eurovision and Rai, we have gone through every detail and we believe that we have taken an important step forward in our organisational work. Now we’ve got seven months of work left, and we’ll do our best”, Elda Veronese, director of Trento Monte Bondone Valle dei Laghi Tourist Board, explained.

During the two-day meeting, the final circuit where all the road races will take place including the Elite Men Road Race, was slightly modified. The updated route is 13,2 km long and maintains the altimetric difficulty of the Povo climb. After 73,2 km, including the ascent towards Cadine, the San Udalrico Pass and the legendary Bondone climb towards Candriai, the Elite Men Road Race ends with 8 laps of the final circuit, for a total distance of 179 km. On the other road races of the programme, the number of final circuit laps has been adjusted according to the categories.

The routes of the time trials, which will take place during the first two days of the event, have also been adjusted for a total length of 22,4 km. All these races will take place on the same route, which will start from the MUSE – Sciences Museum in Trento, ending in the nearby Piazza delle Donne Lavoratrici.

Here is the updated 2020 UEC Road European Championships schedule:

Wednesday September 9th, 2020

• Junior Women Individual Time Trial – 22,4 km

• Junior Men Individual Time Trial – 22,4 km

• Team relay (Men/Women Team Time Trial) – 44,8 km (2 laps of 22,4 km)

Thursday September 10th, 2020

• Elite Women Individual Time Trial – 22,4 km

• Under 23 Women Individual Time Trial – 22,4 km

• Under 23 Men Individual Time Trial – 22,4 km

• Elite Men Individual Time Trial – 22,4 km

Friday September 11th, 2020

• Junior Men Road Race – 107 km (8 laps of 13,2 km)

• Junior Women Road Race – 67,6 km (5 laps of 13,2 km)

• Under 23 Women Road Race – 80,6 km (6 laps of 13,2 km)

Saturday September 12th, 2020

• Under 23 Men Road Race – 133,4 km (10 laps of 13,2 km)

• Elite Women Road Race – 107 km (8 laps of 13,2 km)

Sunday September 13th, 2020

• Elite Men Road Race – 179 km (73,2 km + 8 laps of 13,2 km)