Titleholder Nizzolo assesses "anything but easy" Euro 2021 course in Trentino - Trentino 2021 Cycling

Titleholder Nizzolo assesses "anything but easy" Euro 2021 course in Trentino


The Italian rider did an in-depth recon on the “Trentino 2021” road race, where he’ll defend his crown: “I look forward to a sparkling race, this won’t be just sprinters’ business”

The European cycling champion jersey and its rightful owner, Giacomo Nizzolo, pedaled on the Trentino’s streets yesterday, Tuesday September 29th. The champion enjoyed a sunny day to inspect the Elite Men’s road race route, the main event of the “Trentino 2021” continental event. Following Imola World Championships’ success, Trentino 2021 will take place from September 8th to 12th, 2021, in Trento, Italy, and its surrounding area.

Followed by a video and photo crew, Nizzolo carefully examined all the key sections of the route, including the opening 70 km loop in the Valle dei Laghi that includes the climb to the Monte Bondone (from the Sopramonte/Candriai side), and obviously, the main circuit in Trento, featuring the Povo climb to be faced eight times, and all the corners of the technical finale culminating in the beauty of Trento’s Piazza Duomo.

It is a spectacular and interesting route through magnificent places, up to the expectations when you are in Trentino,” Nizzolo said. “From a technical point of view, my evaluation is a little different from the early judgments I sensed of the course: many considered this easy route. Indeed, I would say it might look easy, but it’s not. It might turn out a very entertaining race, open to different solutions and different kinds of riders.

In my opinion – continued Nizzolo – there are three critical points of this European Championship. The first is the ascent towards the Monte Bondone, which is not prohibitive but will, in any case, restrict the number of candidates for the win. The second is the Trento circuit, which won’t let riders rest, with the eight ascents on the Povo climb sure to make a selection. The third is the race finale, beautiful and very technical, with two sharp corners in the last kilometre and the finishing straight on cobblestones that could play a big role in case of rain“.

Established in recent years as a spectacular event, contested by top-notch riders, the European championship will look to confirm their reputation in Trento. The local fans also hope the streak of the Azzurri to continue at Trentino 2021, after Italy won the last three editions. “It is wonderful to be able to race at home on such a course, and I believe the low mileage (179,2 km) will contribute to the battle. I want to be there and give my best shot,” Nizzolo promised.

See you in Trento next year…